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SO ONE Jojoba TXT - SOCO - Hair Foams - Mousse

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SOCO - Hair Foams - Mousse

New texturizing mousse with jojoba oil

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One Jojoba TXT a soft mousse that gives structure, body and volume to fine hair and devitalized, gives a flexible mounting while maintaining a long-lasting volume, thanks to the properties unique of its components :

OIL Jojoba : This plant is lipid composed of a mixture of wax esters, vitamin E, B-complex vitamins, minerals such as zinc, copper and iodine. Also rich in tocopherols and natural antioxidants, very similar to the structure of human sebum, revitalizes, regenerates and repairs the damaged hair and treated. It is easily absorbed by the hair, combats the process of atrophy of the elastic fibers and collagen restoring the hair's natural tone, elasticity and softness.
• GRAPEFRUIT SEED EXTRACT OF COMPLEX VITAMIN E (E + A + B1 + B5 + B6) give hair nourishment and hydration ; hair are more vital and full-bodied as well as brilliant.

The special

One of So Jojoba TXT, in, is the effect of Jojoba -Grip which allows maximum versatility use : creates a primer the hair, the structure becomes more toned and textured ; thanks to this grip the hair remains more manageable and does not slip during the drying phase. Whatever the nature of the hair : fine, large, dehydrated or perfect every technique and style will be improved thanks to jojoba TXT. Moreover, thanks to the papaya fragrance a sweet and fresh tropical scent will intoxicate the hair.

Application: Apply on towel dried hair and do not rinse.

Package: bottles of 150 ml and 50 ml.